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How We Honor B. Mitzvah at Shir Ami

Here at Shir Ami, B. Mitzvah is celebrated by participating in Shabbat worship, by reading and interpreting Torah and by assisting in the leading of the service.
In truth, however, it is much more than this. When a young Jewish person becomes B. Mitzvah, it is a public statement that represents many things, including:

• An elementary knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish studies
• A commitment to seek a mature understanding of Jewish history, customs, ethics, and theology
• Acceptance of moral responsibility for individual actions
• Acceptance of the necessity of deepening and enriching one's Jewish identity
• A commitment to tzedakah


B. Mitzvah Service Prayer Recording Links:


B. Mitzvah Program Contact Information:

TUTORS:  We provide one-to-one instruction throughout the B. Mitzvah process

For information on room rentals and catering, please contact
Jodi Friedman at extension 105


Meaning and Responsibilities

B. Mitzvah and its period of preparation constitute an important experience in the life of a young Jewish man or woman. At the same time, it is only a stepping-stone in Jewish educational and religious growth, and not the culmination or end-point of the learning process. Our students are expected to continue their studies at Shir Ami through Confirmation. B. Mitzvah is not a culmination but a beginning -- the opening of the door toward a more mature understanding and appreciation of Judaism as a way of life. There are a great many ways in which this more mature understanding may be expressed, such as:

• translating ethical principles into moral actions, consonant with the great teachings of our tradition
• reading and discussing writings of Jewish interest and relevance
• the celebration of Jewish holidays in a spirit of respect and joy
• the observance of Shabbat as a time of rest and refreshment, of quiet study and family sharing
• studying our tradition, customs and beliefs in an effort to deepen our Jewish identity and commitment

Wed, March 22 2023 29 Adar 5783