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SHAFTY is the Shir Ami Federation of Temple Youth

 SHAFTY is one of the largest and most exciting Jewish youth groups in the Pennsylvania Region
Composed of five separate units ranging from kindergarten through 12th grade, SHAFTY ensures children of all ages build lasting relationships with other Jewish kids. Our program is open to all Jewish youth – members of Shir Ami and non-members alike. Each of our groups is designed to meet the needs of a specific age level, and incorporates a balance between religious experiences, social action projects, physical activities, and entertainment. Here, your child will learn the essential skills and behaviors to become a future leader in the Jewish community.
Most importantly, SHAFTY is only for kids!  It’s a place for kids to hangout and be themselves.. In addition to monthly events, there is a "home base" – a large and welcoming youth lounge – featuring a beautiful mural depicting Jerusalem’s Ben Yehuda Street,  This comfortable seating, foosball, air hockey, a television and an informational bulletin board.  The youth lounge is used for a variety of activities, meetings, parties, and “hanging out.”.  SHAFTY members are welcome any time the room is open, to play games, get crisis information, study, socialize, eat, and so much more.  Kids also find it’s a great place to meet up before class.
– Ferne
Ferne Levy, Youth Director
JCrew (Grades 7-8)
& Senior SHAFTY 
(Grades 9-12) Advisor
Emma Leibowitz, Bonim 
(Grades 5-6) Advisor
Judith Silverman, Chalutzim 
(Grades 3-4) Advisor

Ashley Levy, K2 Club
(Grades K-2) Advisor
SENIOR SHAFTY(Grades 9-12)
Featuring diverse social programming, Sr. SHAFTY helps teens explore their Jewish identity while developing important relationships, participating in a variety of activities, and learning valuable leadership skills. READ MORE HERE


JCREW (Grades 7-8) 
JCrew, our Junior SHAFTY group, offers great fun and socialization.  As our kids hit middle school, we work hard to provide opportunities for Jewish youth to participate in events that will lead them toward our Sr. SHAFTY groupREAD MORE HERE


BONIM (Grades 5-6) 
BONIM, meaning “Builders,” marks our next generation of Jewish youth following the “pioneering” stage. READ MORE HERE


CHALUTZIM (Grades 3-4) 
As “SHAFTY Pioneers,” this group of 3rd and 4th graders, is designed to provide opportunities to get together and socialize with their peers.  READ MORE HERE


K2 CLUB (Grades K-2) 
We believe that you’re never too young for SHAFTY! 

Wed, July 17 2024 11 Tammuz 5784